Age Management



The ultimate aim of the age management is, to achieve the maximum quality of life (functional fitness) and preventing any age related illness, in the early stages.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation lasts an hour to hour and a half. Please ensure you allow your selves enough time, to fill in a questionnaire, prior to your appointment.

2nd Consultation – Treatment Plan

You are requested to make another appointment at the end this time, to receive your individualised treatment plan.

Follow-up Consultations

Prevention is most successful when planned in advance. Unlike the conventional approach of seeking medical advice, after problem develops, preventive medicine encourages proactive intervention.

Annual Evaluations

Established clients following their age management programme should return for an annual re-assessment, for a gratifying result and motivated lifestyle.

For further information please call us on 020 7224 1622 OR submit online enquiry form

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